Sewper Cover Announces 2016 WEFTEC Appearance


(Houston, TX)—Sewper Cover, a nationwide provider of non-metallic Composite Manhole Cover products, has announced their participation in the 2016 WEFTEC Conference. The conference will be held at New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 24 through the 28,and Sewper Cover will occupy Booth 1138 at the conference’s Exhibitor Center.

“We are beyond excited to be presenting as an exhibitor at this year’s WEFTEC conference,” said Eric Dupre of Sewper Cover. “Water quality is a huge issue all around the country, and our company has played a role in leading the way toward using better, more durable products like our FRP Manhole Cover to protect municipal sewer systems in a way that is environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable. We could not be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in the industry and we are grateful for the opportunity to show conference attendees what we have to offer that can have great impact in their cities.”

The Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) is the largest conference of its kind in North America. The conference offers water quality professionals the opportunity to gain education and training on water quality issues and ideas for improvement. WFTEC’s annual water quality exhibition is recognized as the largest in the world and is well attended by leaders from the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water quality markets who are actively looking for equipment and services to help solve related problems in their jurisdiction.

As Dupre continued, “From our FRP-based covers to our Composite Manhole Rings, Sewper Cover offers only the best in manhole protection products. Our products give municipalities the legitimate opportunity to ensure the protection of their infrastructure while saving money in the long run. We can’t wait to show leaders across the country what we have to offer and how we can help them improve the sustainability of their sewer systems.”

About Sewper Cover:

Sewper Cover is a premier provider of manhole covers. Their non-metallic composite covers and rings eliminate the problem of corrosion, saving municipalities across the country millions of dollars and ensuring that sewer systems last longer and stay stronger. The composite covers offered by Sewper wear longer, look better and can even be customized with logos and colors. Ultimately, it is the company’s goal to provide the perfect solution for municipalities everywhere.

Getting Creative With Services Advice

Advantages Of Using Professional Contact Center Solutions Currently, contact centers are becoming significant in enhancing the relationship between organizations and their customers. Therefore, an organization that uses the services of a contact center, will most likely experience high levels of sales as well as be able to generate high amounts of profits. On the other hand, if you fail to address their complaints, then they will shift and begin buying their services and also products from your competitors. Therefore, you are sure to get a good vendor that will meet all your needs and requirements. That means that due to the huge advancement of technology, you will be able to advertise your business to customers that are based in different countries. Thus it means that the kind of contact center that you will get might be different from the one that your business partner will get. When searching for the best solution, it is essential to consider whether it will make your customer’s experience smoother. That demonstrates that you should experience more services apart from just the voice calls. Moreover, a good contact center solution will give you an opportunity to completely satisfy your customers. Likewise, the most suitable contact center solution is the one that allows you to use a number of different communication channels.
Doing Services The Right Way
Also, it is vital that you use the Internet to investigate on all the companies that you are interested in. Remember that you inquire about the professionalism of the management as well as the technical team of your vendor. That means that you should gather as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision. In other words, it is best to know what you are purchasing so that you cannot be disappointed in the future. Additionally, remember that there are some contact center solutions that were applicable in the past years, but that is not the case at the moment since times have changed. Make sure that you read different independent reviews of the vendors that you are interested in.
Finding Parallels Between Solutions and Life
Also, inquire about a list of testimonials from your prospective suppliers. Be certain that you call the previous customers and then inquire whether they received superior quality services from the vendor. Also, the best platform to search for a contact center is on the Internet. That means a poorly arranged website means that the services that you will get will be inferior. Likewise, make an effort to look at different costs and also the quality of services that are available from the various organizations. On the other hand, it is not right to solely depend on the factor of price of the vendors as there are other vital elements.

5 Tips to Market Effectively With Coupons

Do you use coupons to promote your business? Today’s consumers, whether businesses or individuals, are value-oriented and looking for deals-and they’re using coupons more than ever before.

There are pros and cons to coupon marketing, but if you want to try it, or if you know coupons work for you, these tips will help maximize your coupon campaign:

1. Make a clear, attractive offer. Discounts (either a specific dollar amount or a percentage) are the most popular coupon offer, but you could also offer bonuses (“buy this, get that”) or even something for free (information or an inexpensive item for coming into your store or visiting your website).

2. Use brief, bold headlines. Readers should be able to know at a glance what you’re offering, or at least be teased enough that they want to read more.

3. Include complete details. At best, an incomplete coupon won’t be effective; at worst, it will generate more headaches than new business. Keep in mind that not everyone will agree with what you think should be understood or assumed, so tell them everything they need to know. If applicable, be sure to include:

• Expiration date. Make it reasonable for both you and your customer. Give your customers sufficient time to take advantage of the offer within a timeframe that works for you. Expiration dates create a sense of urgency and also prevent someone from taking advantage of an old coupon that would be difficult or costly for you to honor.

• Quantity limits. Your customers should be able to buy enough to realize value, but not so much that you are cleaned out of the item or are forced to take an unacceptable loss.

• Availability restrictions. If the offer includes a special purchase and you don’t intend to restock, add language such as “while supplies last.”

• Location and contact information. Let people know where you are and how to reach you if they have questions.

• Other restrictions. Be clear on any other restrictions you wish to apply, such as “one to a customer” or, in the case of restaurants, “one coupon per table.” If the offer is a “buy one, get one at a discount” deal, be clear about which item will be discounted (generally, it’s a second item of equal or lesser value).

• Redemption instructions. Tell customers what they have to do to redeem the coupon. For example, restaurants may ask that coupons be presented at the time of order so the final check can be calculated correctly the first time. If customers will redeem the coupon on your website, tell them when and how to enter the coupon code.

4. Use good design elements. Your coupon is as important as any other graphic element in your marketing package. Be sure it includes your logo, appropriate images (such as a photo of the product), and presents the benefits of your offer clearly. Remember to use white space effectively; a cluttered coupon is hard to read and less likely to be used.

5. Capture customer information. Consider asking customers to provide their name, phone number, address, and/or email address on the coupon, then use that information for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Bonus tip: Before you send your coupon to the printer, proofread, proofread, proofread! If you change anything at all, check the entire coupon to make sure other copy wasn’t affected by the change. Don’t risk potential damage to your image, customer relations, or profits by distributing a coupon with mistakes.