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The Great Leadership Style of Mark Vincent Hurd Mark Vincent Hurd is the Co-CEO of the Oracle Corporation and also an active board member of the corporation. Mark Hurd was born in 1957 January where he has a remarkable track record of being a brilliant leader for many companies. He joined the Oracle Corporation in the year 2010, and his contribution in the field of technology, leadership, innovation and the world of computer hardware expertise is recommendable. After Robert Wayman who was the former chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, Mark Vincent joined the company as the chairman and the president in the year 2005. The forward thinker have also worked as the top manager in the HP industry. Until now, he is still a very reliable member of the Technology CEO Council besides being the chief executive officer of various companies. Vincent Hurd’s track record illustrates that he is a thought leader. Vincent have portrayed excellent leadership skills to the many firms that he has worked for. For the 25 years that he worked at NCR Corporation, his leadership skills were notable in bringing about efficient operations with high-end results. He enhanced leadership skills to his colleagues, and improved the consumer’s satisfaction. He is not self-centered as he believes that every individual in the universe is a leader by himself. Hurd has worked in the senior level management for many organizations, but he has portrayed his love and concern to the people in general. Vincent Hurd has crucial management skills that everyone from the industry could borrow a leaf from. He is said to run the HP corporation with a founder’s authority. Despite him being the CEO of the many businesses, he is responsible for all other managerial jobs in the firm. He is known for drastically reducing the HP Company’s expenditures. He implements several strategies which bring about cutting the cost of the businesses that he works for. For the period that he worked in the HP corporation, he reduced the software applications from 6000 to 1500 which was helpful in making the company profitable.
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Hurd is a forward thinker whose actions only inspire the success to any company that is lucky to have him as the captain. His expertise and skills are beyond people’s understanding. The main reason that makes Hurd resign is to give other people an opportunity to rule and manage some of these companies, but his reputation always remains forever. He is a global leader as he has brought a worldwide developments and changes. He is customer oriented as he fights for bringing more consumer satisfaction and revolutionizing the life of the many individuals. Besides him being a leader and a manager, he is also a mentor to many. They try to emulate his ways of doing things. He is very useful and worth to follow.Study: My Understanding of Experts