Vitamins and Supplements

Best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements That You Have to Know About

There are a lot of available food supplements on the market today, but which among those are the best anti aging vitamins and supplements? Below are the supplements which you can add to your lifestyle by taking in food which are rich with these nutrients. Also, if you purchase beauty and skin care products, it is best of you look for these nutrients as ingredients and components of the products, and also make sure that your products are completely natural.

1. Calcium. Alot of people do not get enough calcium. This is important not only in keeping our bones strong, but also in preserving the youthful look of our skin.

2. Coenzyme Q10. A powerful form of this substance is Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. This is able to penetrate deeply in to the skin, allowing it to effectively nourish your skin and strengthen it.

3. Flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants that are able to lessen the damages that occur in our cells. You can get flavonoid from green tea and red wine, as well as from your chocolates, but watch out for chocolate that is filled with sugar!

4. Grape seed extract. This also contains flavonoids, as well as phytonutrients that are able to give benefits to your skin much like how antioxidants do.

5. Green tea. The health benefits of green tea have long been proven in Asia, and are now gaining popularity even in commercial skin care products. You can drink this every day, or even apply it directly on your skin.

6. Selenium. Eat more brazil nuts, tuna and garlic to get enough selenium, a substance that helps your body delay the aging process.

7. Vitamin A. Your good old vitamin A has long been proven to have very good skin effects. Get it from your vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables.

8. Vitamin C. Perhaps this is one of the best anti aging vitamins and supplements, and would not only give you beautiful skin but also a strong immune system. Vitamin C is known to reduce wrinkles and help skin stay softer for a longer time. You can find it in kiwi fruits and oranges.

9. Vitamin E. Last among our list of the best anti aging vitamins and supplements is your good old Vitamin E. This is one of the most popular among the best anti aging vitamins and supplements, and has been known to keep skin smooth and soft. It can even help prevent cancer.

The key to get beautiful skin is to get all the nutrients that you need in order for you to maintain a healthy body. A healthy body would manifest a healthy and young-looking skin.

Vitamins and Supplements

What To Look For In Dog Vitamins And Supplements Products

Dog vitamins and supplements are often incorporated into a dog’s diet to make sure that they get all the things that they need in order to live a healthy life and stay clean from any illness.

More and more people are starting to incorporate these products into their dog’s daily diet to make sure that their four-legged friend reaches optimal health, fitness and happiness.

There are many different products available out there however and it can be extremely confusing to separate the high quality ones from the low quality ones.

The average Joe doesn’t know the difference between vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin C so that when it comes to picking out a bottle, it gets very tricky. Not to mention when it comes picking one for a pet.

Before we go on, it’s important to note that your pet may not need any additions to their daily diet. Your pet may already be very healthy and they may get all the nutrients that they need to live a healthy, happy and stress free life. On the other hand, your pet may be seriously lacking in essential nutrients and minerals which can make an enormous different to their well being and immune system.

Everything should be in moderation, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

If you’re unsure if this is the case with your dog, contact and consult a qualified vet. They will then examine your pet and they will give you instructions on what to do next.

Without further ado, here are some of the things that you should look for when selecting a product:

Does it have vitamin A and Vitamin C?

Does it have good reviews from dog owners?

Has it been in the market for over 12 months?

Has any certified vet recommended the products (be wary of marketing ploys)?

Stay away from products that have too many warning labels. Also make sure the product is not fill of artificial ingredients, this can be dangerous for your dog.

These are just a few things to look for. There is a ton more information on the subject and you can read on more about various products online, in books or you can also choose to contact an expert or a vet.

Vitamins and Supplements

Skin Vitamins and Supplements for Different Ages

Supplements with or without vitamins are complementary agents needed by the skin to either, direct the metabolism toward a specific job, or to correct some metabolic aberrations at different ages and conditions, so that they can keep your skin healthy and looking years younger.

Skin supplements may contain vitamins, minerals trace elements, anti-oxidants or other nutrients. The good news is that they can be delivered in sufficient amounts by applying them directly on the skin, to relieve the dual pressure it is submitted to, i.e. metabolic changes and environmental assaults.

Now we can give a hand to the oppressed skin by multiplying the beneficial effects, of these wonderful nutrients.

Skin Vitamins and Supplements for Teens and Early 20s:

This is the stage of integration and growth, and the first enemy of the skin of this age group is Acne, which is caused by a metabolic stress resulting from the heavy demand of formation of hormones, which causes the metabolism to be deficient regarding fat and carbohydrate.

Acetyl Coenzyme A is the biochemical material that serves the best for relieving that metabolic stress, since it plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. It is required to be abundant during this stage.

Coenzyme A is already synthesized by the body from a vitamin molecule (Pantothenic acid), an amino acid (Cysteine), and a molecule that contains a lot of energy (ATP).

The best vitamin and supplements needed by this age group are either Pantothenic acid plus Cysteine, or Pantethine, as they are the precursors of Coenzyme A.

Use of Cysteine combined with Vitamin B5 (which has been used for treating acne in high doses reaching 10-15 g/day), can reduce its dose to become 1-1.5 g/day. Cysteine itself is taken also in 1-1.5 g/day dose.

Pantethine is a precursor of coenzyme a, and it has now been tried by some people to treat acne.

Skin Vitamins and Supplements for 30s:

At the age of 30, the skin receives less energy supply, suffers from some structural changes, and from a sluggish shedding of the outermost layers of dead cells, and the net result is that the skin starts to decline.

The best supplements for the skin at this age are Sugar and foods containing Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) to be applied locally. Sugar contains the alpha-hydroxy acid Glycolic acid, which acts like magic in removing superficial dead cells (skin peeling), and MCT abundant amounts in coconut oil and milk supplies a lot of energy.

Fractionated Coconut Oil contains high amounts of MCT.

Skin Vitamins and Supplements for 40s:

At the age of 40, the destructive changes in collagen and elastin (2 constructive proteins of the skin) start to be common. Collagen starts to be more tense and less elastic, and Elastin becomes more fragile.

The best supplements for the skin at this age are Sweet Peas and Grape Seed extract to be applied locally.

Sweet Peas contains an enzyme inhibitor called 3-amino-propionitrile, which inhibits the enzyme Lysyl Oxidase that is responsible for cross-linking of collagen.

Grape seed extract helps build more collagen, it also contains anti-oxidants which help fight the destructive changes in both collagen and elastin.

Skin Vitamins and Supplements for 50s and Beyond:

At this age, the destructive changes in all the skin layers are well established, oxidation of all tissues is now avid, and the body really needs the rescue of anti-oxidants.

Some recent findings highlights that we can give some help to collagen by increasing its formation and decreasing its degradation.

The best vitamins and supplements at these group ages are foods that contain Ellagic acid and vitamin A, or Berries and Milk and its derivatives to be applied locally. Some vitamin E is also OK.