How to Write in a Code

I remember when I was in college, I thought that I would take a computer science course to try to learn something new. I think that it is really great that I was trying to make a new code. I knew a little about DOS code and I thought that would be good enough, but then I realized there was an entire network out there that I could talk to people on. I was a person that did have to study for the tests so if I saw this link I would be able to write the entire address out in a code that I could own. I was really nervous to try to write my own code because I thought that it would take a long time for me to learn it and then I would have to teach other people my code so they could decide what they think I should change and what they think I should not change.

There were many computer nerds that were in my college computer class and I did not fit in with them at all, and it was funny when they asked me why I was actually taking that class. I wanted people to know that there were a few different kinds of people that could learn code, and that it did not require me to have the highest grade point average in the school. I was really not a good person to take that class because I know that I barely passed it and I think that I may have even failed it if I did not get the help from one of the cuter computer nerds in the class. We actually had a good few dates before he found another girl that could write his code and have fun with him too.