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3 Strategies for an Improved Acid Reflux Diet

Acid reflux is a painful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient condition wherein acidic gastric fluid is regurgitated back up into the esophagus causing things like heartburn, persistent hiccups, weight loss, and even blood in stool. A problem with the positioning of the organs in the abdominal cavity is the most common cause for acid reflux. Seldom, a doctor will prescribe someone with acid reflux medication like antiacids to manage the symptoms, but more commonly, simple lifestyle changes can help resolve the matter. If you have acid reflux and you’re wondering what you can do to improve your acid reflux diet, these three tips should help you heal for good.

1. Have a Fiber Rich Diet – It’s hard to resolve acid reflux because most of the food that we commonly have within reach are known for aggravating the symptoms of this uncomfortable and inconvenient condition. Things like alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, carbonated sodas, and sodium-rich foods exacerbate acid reflux and make symptoms much worse. Recent studies show however, that those who consume more fiber are less likely to experience the symptoms of acid reflux regardless of their weight. There are lots of sources of fiber, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and virtually every other unprocessed food plant that you can get your hands on.

2. Control Your Portions – The symptoms of acid reflux like heartburn occur when acidic gastric fluids are pushed back up into the esophagus. With that basic mechanism in mind, it would be wise to avoid eating large meals because the more contents you have in your stomach, the more likely it is to be pushed back up and cause heart burn. For those who suffer from acid reflux, it’s ideal to practice portion control and to eat smaller meals more frequently, rather than eat large meals seldom. Generally, it’s ideal for those with acid reflux to eat just enough to prevent the feeling of hunger, and not too much that they start to feel full.

3. Have Lots of Water – According to specialists, water helps to wash down and dilute stomach acids, making it less likely for people to experience acid reflux if they consistently and frequently drink enough water to manage their acids. Ideally, if you have acid reflux, it’s better to drink only water, but if you have to choose a different beverage, go for something that won’t cause heartburn. Avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, tea, citrus fruit juices, and sodas to prevent your symptoms from acting up. Non-citrus juices, decaffeinated tea, and milk that’s non-fat or low fat are all your best options if you want to indulge in a drink that isn’t just water.